Talkatone Android – Free Calls Using Google Voice

Google Voice offers free calls to USA and Canada as well as free text messaging too, which has been exploited by many VoIP companies now. You can use Google Voice from your phone to hide your real number from the other party, but you still end up spending your daily minutes. Alternatively, you can make calls from your Gmail Inbox, which will save you […]

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Google Voice Kills OBiHai

For the people who are new to the OBiHai service and don’t know what is it, we will first start with explaining them about OBiHai and their features. For the ones who know about OBiHai service, there is a news that Goggle Voice is going to kill OBiHai. And this OBiHai company from now onwards is not going to use […]

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Broadband Service in U.S is so Unpleasant. Why?

It was said that average US household people have to pay unreasonably high amount for the internet service connection. This price is too high as compared to other industrial countries in the world. Berkman in his report for internet and society at Harvard University said that, not only broad internet connection is slow and expensive but has fallen behind infrastructure […]

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Learn What is Voip in just 5 Minutes

Today we are going to help you out knowing Voip in just 5 minutes. There are various things that are important for you to understand about Voipconnection, about ADC, Compression algorithm, RTP Protocol, RSVPand signal protocol.  We will help you to understand all this in just 5 minutes. So without wasting time and taking much of your time let me start explaining with all above […]

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T-Mobile Offers Tablets Starting At $0 Down

T-Mobile is basically a German company which is into wireless PDAs, cellular telephones and tablets. T-Mobile is the only major wireless provider to make tablets affordable and connected. T-Mobile is also considered as the world’s 10th largest mobile-phone service provider. T-Mobile has announced that customerswho will buy a tablet through T-Mobile will receive 200 megabytes of free 4G LTE data every month as long as they own […]

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Cheap Phone Calls to India and Pakistan

Now you can make unbelievably low rate calls worldwide, especially to India and Pakistan. Missing your family and friends, but find it hard to stay in touch because of the high costs of international phone calls? There is a way to combine the benefits oflow cost internet calls with high quality mobile connection and that is 1-Talk. Today we are here with […]

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6 VoIP Gadgets Every Business Owner Must Have

Modern era is running today, well, doh! Every one in the world want’s to live aluxurious and high life. Whatever we earn weather high or low, we can not compromise with our living lifestyle. We don’t compromise on dress, food, utensils, jewelry or anything else, than why we should compromise in technology.  There are many people who always […]

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Unlimited International Calls For $9.99 P/M

We are here with an all new unlimited international calling plan. This time you get unlimited international calling at $9.99 pm that can be used from your mobile and landline phones. Plan is introduced by a voip service provider named BlueVox, we are going to do a comprehensive review of Bluevox and tis services here. This plan allows you to […]

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Unbiased Review of iOS7 by Apple

For people who are new to iOS 7, we will first introduce what is iOS 7 and how is it different from others. iOS 7 is the seventh version of Apple’s mobile operating system. It was announced at the company’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 10, 2013 and got released on September 18, 2013. There are various features in iOS […]

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